Sicbo Cheater Sentenced to jail
Casino scams have become a great deal more prevalent over the past few months, taking place at such games as roulette, craps and blackjack. However the latest casino cheating scandal comes from the game of sic bo. Sic bo is enjoyed by many players around the world but it does not get the same recognition as other casino games.

A construction worker from China recently placed a late bet while playing sic bo and this has earned him jail time. Gu Xiao Dong age thirty six visited the Marina Bay Sands a few weeks ago and while he was there he placed the late bet at the sic bo table as was caught.

On October 9th, Dong was at the casino and he placed a $25 bet on the sic bo game after the dice had been rolled. Dong had wagered five chips in the roll each worth $5. He wagered on a three digit die box combination of 125 and when the croupier pressed the dice to roll Dong decided to remove his wager from the table.

When the results were announced by the croupier, Dong realized he had made a mistake so he placed the same amount back on the winning combination. The croupier managed to see Dong do this and then contacted the authorities.

If Dong had not been caught he would have taken home $750 which would have been a loss to the casino. Dong could have went to jail for up to five years and faced heavy fines but fortunately for him he only earned three months in jail for his actions. The croupier was on top of his game and managed to keep the casino from taking a loss via cheating. Dealers and casino workers are being trained even harder on how to catch cheaters and scammers at the table games. In this case the training definitely paid off.

- 2010-11-12

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