Casino player fined for stealing Sic Bo chips
Sic Bo is a popular casino game especially in Asia. The game can be found at almost any casino, online or land. Recently a player at the Marina Bay Sands was arrested for stealing another sic Bo player’s chips. The player received a large fine for breaking the rules of the casino.

Sic Bo is a simple game played with three dice. Player’s place bets on whether a single number or a combination of numbers will appear after the dice have been rolled. So since player’s place bets on the outcome they have chips on hand to place their bets. So the victim at the Marina Bay Sands had chops with him and Zhou Liang age twenty was able to steal two $25 chips while game play was taking place.

Liang plead guilty to stealing the two chips worth $25 and also for using another person’s work permit that showed he was of age. Liang was fined $3,000 this past Tuesday for the criminal act. Liang stole the chips on September 11th at the casino.

Liang is not of age to be attending the casino and gambling so that is why he used someone else’s work permit to gain access to the casino. When Liang went to court it was proven that the victim was looking to claim his wager at the sic Bo table when he found his chips were missing.

The victim told the gaming pit manager who then reported the incident to the surveillance manager. The video footage at the casino showed Liang taking the wager and winnings which totaled $50. Liang will now have to pay the $3,000 fin in full for his actions.

- 2010-10-07

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