Casino gambler steals from sicbo player
One of the most recent instances of casino cheating comes from Singapore and occurred just last month. A tourist was visiting Singapore and decided to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands Casino around ten in the morning on March 12th. The gambler, GOH Wing Wal managed to lose all of his money gambling and then decided to steal from another player and then cheat the casino.

After Wal had lost all of his money he saw another gambler, How Yew Hock, wagering a $100 chip at the Sic Bo tables. How moved over the look at the next table game and then Goh moved the $100 chip to the number Four from the Big bet. The game ended up having two dice with that number so Wal managed to win $200.

At the same time, How realized that his bet was missing and he told the croupier. The security footage showed that Wal had stolen his chip from the Sic Bo table and that he had cheated the casino in the process. The gambler was still in the building so police were able to apprehend him and take him to jail.

Wal was sentenced to two weeks for the theft of the casino chip and one month for cheating the casino and stealing from the other player. The judge in the case, Roy Neighbour, ordered that the jail time for both charges run at the same time so the gambler will have to stay in jail for one month total. This seems like a light sentence for the crime but it just goes to show that in different countries, gamblers will be given different sentences for their crimes.

- 2011-04-11

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