Casino Employee Aids Sic Bo Cheaters
Casino employees have very important jobs. Each employee is counted on by the casino to make sure that game play goes well and no one is trying to scam the casino. The most important employees of the casinos that aid in security are the surveillance and security team. Surveillance operators are employed by the casino to monitor the security cameras and make sure that game play is going according to the rules. These operators are supposed to keep the casino from losing money but one operator recently decided to help steal from the casinos.

Ho Boon Keat was working as a surveillance operator at the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore when he colluded with four gamblers to cheat the casino out of tens of thousands of dollars. Keat worked with four other people to take almost $150,000 from the casino.

Keat has now lost his job as the surveillance operator and he is going to have to spend the next three years in jail. Kavitha Kandesan is the deputy prosecutor in the area and she asked the court to impose a four year sentence on the accused. This sentence was asked for since this is the first case of a surveillance operator abusing his position to steal from the casino.

Surveillance operators are trusted a great deal by the casino operators as they have an important job to do. The prosecutor wanted a tough sentencing so that others in the same position as Keat will choose to keep trust with the casino operators instead of working against the casino.

- 2012-06-13

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