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Live Dealer Platform Launches Sicbo

Live dealer gaming is one of the more popular forms of gambling in the current online gaming market. Players enjoy playing casino games from home but in live form while watching the games take place in real time. The games are being launched by top casinos and offer live game play via streaming video and the option of speaking with beautiful dealers. EntwineTech has announced they now have one additional live dealer game available for entertainment, with the recent release of Sicbo. (25/07)

New Sic Bo Game Launched by Casino Webs Scripts

The game of Sic Bo is one that many people enjoy but can be hard to find in both land and online casino game play. The game is one that is a different option for those who enjoy the standard casino games. Casino Web Scripts has announced they are now offering a new Sic Bo game for players to enjoy which is titled the Sic Bo Deluxe Dice Game. The new game can be enjoyed by new players as well as the advanced gamers. (25/04)

Casino Employee Aids Sic Bo Cheaters

Casino employees have very important jobs. Each employee is counted on by the casino to make sure that game play goes well and no one is trying to scam the casino. The most important employees of the casinos that aid in security are the surveillance and security team. Surveillance operators are employed by the casino to monitor the security cameras and make sure that game play is going according to the rules. These operators are supposed to keep the casino from losing money but one operator recently decided to help steal from the casinos. (13/06)

High Stakes Games Abound at Sky Vegas

Online gambling is very popular online, so much so, that players are starting to really enjoy the high stakes gaming action at online casinos. One such casino that offers high stakes gambling games is Sky Vegas. Sky Vegas online casino has a large selection of high stakes games that range in stakes from GBP 5 to GBP 5,000. (07/03)

New York Racino opens electronic gaming options

The Aqueduct Racino in New York has made a few changes that gamblers are sure to be happy with. The casino has announced that their second floor has now opened and gamblers will be able to enjoy a fabulous dining experience as well as play electronic versions of their favorite casino games including sic bo and craps. (23/12)

Royal Vegas announces Live Dealer Casino Offering

As more and more online casinos begin to add live dealer options, players are starting to have more gaming options. The latest casino to add live dealer games is Royal Vegas Casino. The Fortune Lounge Group casino recently announced they have added the live dealer games which include blackjack, roulette, mahjong, sic-bo and baccarat. (12/05)

Casino gambler steals from sicbo player

One of the most recent instances of casino cheating comes from Singapore and occurred just last month. A tourist was visiting Singapore and decided to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands Casino around ten in the morning on March 12th. The gambler, GOH Wing Wal managed to lose all of his money gambling and then decided to steal from another player and then cheat the casino. (11/04)

Sicbo Cheater Sentenced to jail

Casino scams have become a great deal more prevalent over the past few months, taking place at such games as roulette, craps and blackjack. However the latest casino cheating scandal comes from the game of sic bo. Sic bo is enjoyed by many players around the world but it does not get the same recognition as other casino games. (12/11)

Casino player fined for stealing Sic Bo chips

Sic Bo is a popular casino game especially in Asia. The game can be found at almost any casino, online or land. Recently a player at the Marina Bay Sands was arrested for stealing another sic Bo player’s chips. The player received a large fine for breaking the rules of the casino. (07/10)

Online Casino Zipang offers Live Sicbo Gaming

Zipang is an online casino that is designed specifically for the Asian gaming market. Players can download the casino in Chinese, Japanese and English and begin playing right away. The casino offers players the best in bonuses and extra cash as well as offering live Sic Bo Dealer games. (20/01)

Man Hits Sic Bo Jackpot at Macau Casino

Li Chao Yang of China recently visited the Starworld Casino in Macau taking in the sights and sounds of the gambling city hoping to earn a little extra money of his own. While at the Starworld casino Yang decided to play a game of Electronic Sic Bo and that decision would turn out to be a great one. (29/12)

New Live Sicbo and Other Games to Be Debuted by Novomatic Next Month

Toward the end of January 2009 a gaming expo will be taking place in London where many companies will be debuting the latest in gaming software and platforms. The next best thing is sure to come out of the expo and hoping it might be them is Novomatic. (05/12)

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